‚ÄčMidwest Health Management Services, LLC


Midwest Health Management Services, LLC is dedicated to enhancing public safety and supporting professionals by facilitating the early intervention, treatment, continued care, and monitoring of the safe return to practice for professionals who may be unable to practice with reasonable skill and safety if their mental health or substance use illness symptoms are not adequately managed.

Keys to Success:

The multi-disciplinary staff of Midwest Health Management Services LLC, include an on-staff physician, licensed mental health professionals, and licensed addiction professionals. We are dedicated to assisting individuals to improve the quality of their lives, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In recovery you can learn to make new choices that will bring about the positive changes that you want. Addictions and mental health disorders can be challenging diseases. We must be cognizant of this in order to be successful at treating the disease. This means allowing for consequences and holding clients accountable for their actions. To be both supportive and firm is a key to our success. Too much of either without balance of both affects the trust between us and our clients. We are focused on providing professional services that exceed the expectations of the individuals who access our services, and of our stake holders.

Midwest Health Management Services (MWHMS) can assist organizations and professionals in facilitating the early identification, intervention, referral, treatment and monitored recovery of professionals who may be affected by mental health or substance use disorders which may impact their well-being, and ability to practice with reasonable skill and safety. Individuals often present in a profoundly negative state of mind and with significant fears. It is our job to assure the client of the process, give them hope, inspire them to participate and be successful in the recovery process.

MWHMS referrals may come from any source including self-referrals, peers, physicians, colleagues, attorneys, treatment centers, family or friends.  MWHMS has agreements to provide services to individuals eligible for licensure under the SD Board of Optometry, SD Board of Addiction and Prevention Professionals and USD School of Medicine students. 

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