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Every person needs a safe place where they can find support, including physicians. In response, the South Dakota State Medical Association (SDSMA) created the South Dakota Physician Well-Being Program (PWBP) with financial support from Avera Health, Sanford Health, Monument Health, and private contributions. PWBP supports well-being and healing for physicians coping with life challenges including career fatigue, grief and loss, family stressors, emotional agility and civility, financial stressors, and more.  Well-being services are considered pre-clinical and a medical record is not created.



The SD Physician Well-Being Program (PWBP) is a confidential and professional resource developed in accordance with SDCL 36-2A-16 to provide a continuum of well-being services for physicians.

  • All South Dakota licensed physicians are eligible for services

  • Private and confidential

  • No insurance billed, no electronic medical record created

  • Timely access to licensed professionals with expertise in assisting medical professionals

  • Option for in-person, or virtual remote access appointments


PWBP seeks to promote the well-being of physicians through advocacy, education, and direct support; thereby, enriching the lives of our valued healthcare providers. Physicians hold a place of high value in our communities, and PWBP is honored to provide well-being services to support them as they devote their careers to helping others. PWBP believes supporting physician health is of benefit not only for the providers we serve, but also contributes to improved patient-physician relationships, and safe, high-quality patient care.  


PWBP seeks to provide information, and to advance evidence-based solutions to support physician well-being. PWBP will provide individualized, confidential and professional support for physicians experiencing professional stress and burnout, substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and other conditions that may adversely affect a physician’s well-being. Support may include confidential consultation, pre-clinical well-being services in person or telehealth meetings, and individualized monitoring when mutually agreed to, and within the context of supporting well-being. In accordance with SDCL36-2A-16, PWBP does not include the provision of services intended to monitor for impairment. PWBP will not bill insurance, does not create a medical record, and will maintain confidentiality of participant information in accordance with all applicable federal and South Dakota codified law and regulations.

More Information: 605-275-4711
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